Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mention Observer, 0.6 Alpha Download

Here's the first alpha release of my Mention Observer app. As the version name implies it is not ready but if you feel brave go ahead and download and give it a go. It should run on any device with Android 2.1+ but I haven't really tested it much on other phones than my Galaxy Nexus.

The setup screens are still very bad and if you decide to install it here's how you get the app up and running:

The app will first ask for your domain that you want to follow. Just type in your domain name (for example ""). You can check that you didn't make a typo by pressing "load". The app will load your domain and show it in a web view. Once you're happy press the done button.

Note that you don't have to use a domain name here. You can use for example a product name but doing that will prevent reddit search from working while twitter will still work.

After the domain is setup the app will ask you for your feedburner Uri. You will find it from your feedburner feed URL. Note that you have to enable public access to your feed's awareness API.

If you don't have a RSS stream or don't want to use this feature simply leave the field empty.

Download the APK from dropbox

If you decide to try it out I'd love to hear your thoughts. While I'm very aware of lack of any visual design  any ideas and comments are most welcome. Please leave a comment below.

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