Friday, 17 February 2012

Mentions beta1 Ready for Download

Hi everyone!

I finally got all the features done I want to have in the first release. I also renamed the app from "Mention Observer" to simply "Mentions". 

What is Mentions?
Just a quick overview what the app is all about for people who haven't tried it yet. In short, it is meant for bloggers and other who want to see what people talk about your website. It also lets you monitor your feed subscriber numbers.

To starts simply type in your website domain name and the app will do a twitter & reddit search for you. It will keep monitoring them and notifies you if there's something new.

If you use feedburner for your RSS feed you can type in your feedburner URI and as long as you have the public awareness API enabled it will fetch your numbers and notify you every day when it finds numbers for the day.

Beta 1

I haven't uploaded it to the market yet as a lot of visuals are missing including all the marketplace graphics. I really don't know what to do with them. The launcher icon and notification icons all suck. I just need to figure out how to reach to some designer and how I can bribe them to assist me with that stuff.

Functionally, while all features are there I'm not 100% happy with some things:
  • Progress spinner doesn't always show up correctly (on some older devices it doesn't show up at all)
  • Some error messaging is a bit too agressive
  • Feedburner chart is not visible on landscape mode
  • User not always provided a retry option if data retrieve fails, especially with feedburner.

Anyways. Please give it a spin. It should be very stable and do the job it was build to do.

Download the APK from dropbox

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