Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mentions Graduates from Beta

I just pushed Mentions version 1.0 to the Android Market.

New in this version:

  • Google+ support
  • Visual improvements
  • Activity stack tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • Ads

I have some plans for the next release but no time frame yet. Plannet features include:
  • In-app purchase to disable ads
  • Adding Facebook as a source (need to look at the API). I might include this as premium ie. paid feature if it has no problems.
  • Still trying to find a good translation engine to provide translations to tweets with different language.
  • Enable optional twitter login to allow more detailed queries (for example user follower count).
Is there something you'd like to see in the next version?


  1. Concerning Facebook as a source: getting the number of shares of a specific domain is as easy as this:

    However, you don't get the actual share using this method... Still worth a mention in the app, I guess.

  2. Hmm. Yeah. FB APIs seem to be pretty lacking. That's a bummer. :(