Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mentions 1.0.1

Finally got around to push a minor update to the Mentions app. I tweaked action bar visuals a bit to make it more Androidish (removed gradient, simpler icon). Other fixes include more tolerant setup process and tweaks on back stack. Tapping notifications should no-longer cause new activities to be started if one exists already.


  1. Juhani, I wonder about the numbers. For G+ your app mentions 3 items yesterday. Even your own share of my post is not among those.
    Any idea why?

  2. Yeah, unfortunately the G+ API seems to be really unreliable. I don't get most of my hits either. I hope they'll release a new release soon. The current one also has a limit of I think 10.000 queries per API key a day so it is already pretty close to the limit.

    I'll look into it after the IO if I can improve it at all.